B.T. (Before Twinageddon)

B.T. (Before Twinageddon)


It’s 10pm on a Monday and we are expecting the twins to be born imminently. So, rather than sorting out the cot, or finishing packing the hospital bag, we figured we’d start a brand new blog, documenting our journey into parenthood and what we have started to callĀ “Twinageddon”…

We’ve also come to refer to this time, and indeed everything up to this point as “Before Twins” or, BT for short.

BT is pretty awesome. Just this evening for example we made a chilli from scratch, sat down to eat together in relative quite. Soon we’re going to head to bed and sleep for a good seven or eight hours straight. Or I will at least. Anita might need to relieve her tiny bladder a couple of times during the night…

Anyway, the good old days of BT are drawing to a close. Anita is 37 weeks pregnant with twins (this is considered full term) and we’re booked in for an induction next Wednesday in case labour doesn’t start naturally before then. So one way or another they will be here within the next ten days or so and we will be moving into the era of Twinageddon.

Wish us luck!

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  • Varsha November 24, 2015 at 6:58 pm

    Oooooh they are too adorable ??? this is going to be my first blog and I can’t wait to hear updates yay