At some point in the future, we won’t bat an eyelid at the prospect of getting the twins fed, clothed, out of the house and into the car. We’ll probably get it down to a ten minute operation. It’ll probably only take one of us. People do it all the time, right?

Today was due to be our maiden car journey – a 45 minute drive to visit great grandma and great granddad for the first time.

It didn’t go perfectly. Feeding, dressing and packing, which had been rehearsed many times in preparation, all went quite well, although it took us pretty much two hours. We felt prepared and excited, babies peacefully strapped into their car seats. Then we tried to fix the car seats into the car. Cue 20 minutes of me cursing and fumbling. We should have learnt our lesson from the leaving hospital experience (basically, poo explosion, combined with never having strapped a car seat in). Oh for the good old days when you could just sling the baby in the boot.

Finally all secured and ready to roll, we drove 20 seconds down the road before I notice a funny pull to the left from the car. My over anxious parental mind proved right this time – the front tyre was completely flat…

Luckily we live really close to a tyre garage who were able to replace it while we waited. But it proved just a little too much for our sleep deprived nerves and an hour after leaving the house we returned, two significantly more unsettled babies and one expensive new tyre better off.

Road trip abandoned and rescheduled for Saturday. Perhaps we should try them on the bicycles instead?

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  • Nina November 25, 2015 at 9:46 pm

    I feel that pain! Anita, remember the time you came to the flat and we were going out with a tiny Niamh – I packed a major strop because we got all the way down to the front door and had to abandon the excursion (I can’t remember why)! You were awesome at calming me down and talking sense into my totally unreasonable behaviour about the whole thing 🙂
    Don’t feel deflated, leaving the house is a MAJOR deal with babies and you have two to pack for!
    I recommend a competition between the two of you (of course you have heaps of time for silly suggestions and side projects at the moment). Each of you practice putting the car seats in and once you feel confident, time yourselves. As reward, the winner can be in charge of the chore each time it has to be executed!!
    On the plus side, at least you got into the car and got the tire sorted……a good life lesson experience for Hetty and Wilf in how to deal with curve balls!
    Good luck for Saturday. Loving hearing of your experiences as a family xxxx