New Year Letter 2020

New Year Letter 2020

Firstly, we want to wish all our friends and family, old and new, near and far, a very happy new year. We hope you and your loved ones are in good health and good spirits.

Anita, myself and the twins are all doing well. Though we desperately miss seeing and spending time with you all, we’ve survived 2020 relatively unscathed. And despite the challenges of juggling additional childcare with working from home, have loved spending so much time together, playing, learning and exploring our little corner of the world.

Hatty and Wilf started primary school and have taken to it with ease and delight. The school is a convenient 30 second walk from our front door and they (and consequently us too) have made a gaggle of lovely new friends. Their playground has ducks, there is a forest school and they both seem to completely love it – they would go seven days a week given the chance!

We’ve spent as much time as possible outside, surrounding ourselves with nature. Hatty and Wilf are both supremely confident on their bicycles and love taking long, slow walks in the woods or spending time at our (recently acquired) allotment. The beach features heavily in our lives – Anita swims in the sea most days, weather allowing, and without wetsuit (sea temperature today was a balmy 6°C…).

We’re anticipating with hope the return of some degree of normality and, fingers crossed, a summer of camping and cycling… More importantly though, we’re looking forward to when we can see you all, celebrate together, share a meal, hug…

Here’s wishing you all health, happiness and peace.

With love,
Anita, Stuart, Hatty & Wilf

A small(ish) selection of photos from the last 12 months below, plus a couple of rather good videos at the end!…

Hatty starting to enjoy words and spelling earlier this year…
What does a cow say on January 1st?…
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  • Alison Akehurst January 2, 2021 at 6:13 pm

    Miss you all very much in our strange new world virtual hugs to you all ?