The Twin Dilemma

The Twin Dilemma

Quite often, about once a day, I have the twin dilemma. This is the phenomenon where one twin begins to get upset, so you pick them up and they calm nicely, as they have been programmed to do. Then, moments later, the other twin begins to get upset. So, you put Twin 1 down and pick Twin 2 up. This time, simultaneously, Twin 1 begins crying again whilst Twin 2 delightfully calms in your arms. You try putting Twin 2 down naively thinking they might remain calm, pick Twin 1 up to comfort them only to distress Twin 2. Now repeat again (and again and sometimes again).

This dilemma has resulted in the following often:

At some point they will grow out of this right?

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  • Alison February 16, 2016 at 8:26 pm

    You are awesome sweetie and doing such an amazing job with little beauties Love Love Xxx