Twin Tour 2019 Plans…

Twin Tour 2019 Plans…

Plans are afoot… After our mini-tour last summer, we have been scheming and concocting a slightly longer cycle tour for this summer. Currently my bike is stripped down and in the process of being rebuilt. A new lightweight tent and kids sleeping bags have been procured. A route has been plotted… And in a couple of weeks time, we’re off on our first proper, self supported, 8 day cycle tour!

I’d be lying if I said we weren’t a little daunted by the prospect, but we are excited in equal measure. And we’ve taken inspiration from some other family cycle tourers out there, not least Andoni Rodeglo and his family who stayed with us a few years ago on a tour of the UK with his daughter Maia. Andoni and his family cycled the world for 7 years, with kids (one of whom was born on the road!) and although the logistical challenges are greater with kids than our 6 month tour back in 2012, seeing other families cycle with young children makes us all the more determined to make cycle touring a part of our lives again. Check out this video summarising Andoni and Alice’s amazing life on the road.

For us though, we’re starting more modestly with a reasonably gentle route around Kent. The distances are much bigger than last summer’s trip, there are a couple of not insignificant hills (not least getting out of Hastings), plus we’ll be carrying all our own gear. But we’ve got campsites booked every night (no wild camping yet!) and we think this will be the right mix of challenge and fun…

More posts coming soon about preparations and updates from the road, but for now, check out our planned route below:

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  • Alison Akehurst June 7, 2019 at 3:58 pm

    How exciting for you all can’t wait to see your up dates have lot’s of fun and laughter With love Xxx ?